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The Author

I live in New York City with my wife and daughter, and I run a medical software development company.

I enjoy reading, thinking, and writing. I’m especially interested in how to live the good life and how to know what the good life is.

I write anonymously, due to the sensitive nature of the topic.

This Site

The essays represent my current thoughts on a topic and are revised alongside my view.

The notes and commentary are likely less interesting to a general audience; they contain many quotations and my summaries on various works—mostly classics. I worry that the number and length of the quotations I included extends beyond what is allowable by fair use; as best I can tell, they do not, but I sincerely hope not to cause harm to any of the translators, authors, or publishers I quote.

The meditations are short pieces, that reflect my thoughts and questions on a given day. I only rarely edit these once written, and I provide the date when they were primarily written.

I hope that the occasional visitor to this site will contact me and provide new thoughts about the topics I am writing about.

I have set up a basic email list to try and stay in touch with visitors who are interested in the content.